LIVE at Spice Radio

by Thompson M.T.

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The first documentation of our existence, "LIVE at Spice Radio" was recorded at Spice Rack Studios in Huntsville, Alabama, produced by "Spicy" Ben Jobe and "Cayenne" Dan Bullard. Thanks to them for making it possible and for anyone willing to sit through this sloppiness. For the full interview and music from other Huntsville artists, go to


released June 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Thompson M.T. Huntsville, Alabama

Glitter and gin stains down the front of a sun dress worn by a man with no ambition, glazed with rain water, beside the white chickens.

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Track Name: Growing Up Poor in Dubai ('Tato Cut)
If those church birds croon in perches
Eyeing your woes,
And harp at you about how no mouse
Gets in that grove,
Remember all of those bitter crows
Are just left over dinosaurs,
And you've got flashy underclothes
And love for days to juxtapose,
So be a mammal and speak in prose,
And love who loves you and decompose,
And take your leisures up your nose,
And dance your bones out, baby, break some toes,
Dress in sequins and flash your quick wit
And smash your glasses across a pulpit
And buy an island for your life to live in
And make damn sure that Yahweh knows you're coming,
Da, da, da, da,

And if your feet keep sore from growing up
Poor in Dubai,
Oh! And those concrete bunkers kept you
Hunkered and dried out,
Well remember all of the oligarchs
Are just decapods dressed up as sharks,
And you've got all of your muscles starched up
And baked in sunlight and hurt and earth stuff,
So heave your worries out of your windows,
And lean your lanterns as the wind blows,
And show 'em slit won't stain your vertebrae,
Vous mangez le gateau et le sourire,
You're the congress on the tennis court
Leant out in your gunpowder reports,
In a new and unbounded ballet,
And it's just you now,
Happy Birthday,
Da, da, da, da.
Track Name: Sugar Lump
Well darlin' ain't you made of somethin' silver
Don't you glint just like a velvet rose
It's like you shimmer from your head to your toes,
And I'm a' simmerin' right outta myself just to be with you,
So pack up all your things,
Take your shoes from their even rows,
And we can take us one one of those
Steam boats and head for New Orleans,
And we can settle us one of those
Beautiful bayous,

'Cause sure as the vine twines 'round the stump,
You are my darlin' sugar lump,
So love me like you mean,
Love me like we're leaving on bad news,

Like there's an angel in the corner
Cutting silver in quarters
Like it's over,
Like it's already over,
Like we got old,
Like we're sober,

Well listen here you bow-legged mouth breather,
You best believe with your soul, either we
Take us a break from all this running about,
Or get a toutin' for yourself a new keeper,
'Cause I ain't been to sleep
Or seen the wind leave the sheets,
Hell, we ain't had ourselves no maritals
In nearly a week,
And you smell like whiskey and sheep,

Well darlin', 'cause sure as the vine
Twines 'round the stump,
You're my darlin sugar lump,
So love me like you mean it,
Love me like we're leaving on bad news,

Like there's an angel in the corner
Cutting silver into quarters
Like it's over,
Like it's already over,
Like we got old,
Like we're sober.